Palmer Collier, Television Media Health & Fitness Expert


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Palmer Collier is a television media expert on weight loss, nutrition and fitness

Palmer defines his method for success as "Science Made Simple"

He developed a wellness technology called anaerobic & anabolic progression

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In Three Months you will have permanent weight loss results!

To lose body fat permanently one must eat nutrient dense foods, exercise in an anaerobic format to keep your body in an anabolic state.

This mixture of progressive weight training keeps your heart and lungs stimulated to their optimum capacity while contracting an extremely high percentage of muscle fiber. This will utilize and burn maximum calorie and energy during your workout. It will also increase your metabolism's ability to use more energy or calorie burning while you sleep!

This Program is offered only by Palmer Collier and is only for individuals serious about real weight loss, toned muscles, and increased vigor. Permanent results fast and forever!

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